Goodbye Yoga Pants

So long are the days of waking up and getting dressed by putting on yoga pants because they are slightly nicer than my pjs. I have decided to jump into modest dress head first and kick it off by challenging myself to wear only skirts and dresses for 30 days!

While this might not seem like a challenge to many of you I have to admit I am a little (or a lot) nervous. I am so used to those “comfy” overly tight pants that have been deemed socially acceptable to wear in public. But let’s be honest, yoga pants are so reveling and in my opinion unflattering!

I would love for you to join me! If you do comment below with a link to how I can find you.


Hello Radiant Ladies!

Join me on my journey to modesty.

It is my belief that as a Christian female it is our job to radiate Christ in every way possible, including our clothing and to do that we must dress modestly. The definition of modesty is not defined by the culture around us, but rather by His Word, so that we may live a life glorifying to Him and as an example of His awesome redeeming love. It is my hope that my journey to becoming a modest woman by His definition will inspire you to do the same.

When most hear the word modest they associate it with frumpy or outdated. I want to prove to you that modesty can be cute. On this blog it is my goal to share with you the steps I take, my family and friends reactions, and outfit ideas with you.

So let’s throw out stereotypes of modesty and show the world just how cute we can be!